Hong Kong launches new program for employment training

HK, Macao fishermen to have more mobility

Beijing expands power supply for 2008 Olympics

Olympics logo key to marketing concept

Taiwan tourism operators visit mainland

Soaring temperatures cause power shortages

GM food expert: need to protect consumers

Beijing to build passenger transport hubs to ease traffic congestion

China launches compulsory product safety certificate

4th Beijing Chaoyang Int´l Business Festival set for October

China grants private enterprises access to publishing industry

New Zhuhai-HK-Macau bridge under discussion

GSM Association urges China to adopt 3G standard

Rolls-Royce opens showroom in Hong Kong

Government procurement expands to car maintenance service

World´s longest jet joins China Eastern Airlines

Chinese gold mining company issues A shares

China sells soybean reserves to stabilize prices

First gold shares issued in Shanghai

RMB business to land in Hong Kong soon

EU to investigate imports from China

Job market to pick up in 2nd half of year

BASF to build PolyTHF facility in Shanghai

Bo´ao Forum official: need for market economy focus

China´s 999 Group enters Japan

Shanghai carnival a financial success

Guangdong residents allowed to visit HK on their own

HK economy on way to recovery

Multinational goods procurement fair opens today in Shanghai

World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention opens in Malaysia

Multinational goods procurement fair opens tomorrow in Shanghai

7th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention opens

Thumbs up for gas pipeline project

China´s auto market to maintain fast growth

Foreign investment favors China´s Rongcheng city

China needs more oil

Investment spurs northwest China´s economy

Thumbs up for gas pipeline project

Telecom companies ring up solid earnings

Bohai Sea Economic Zone making big contribution

China makes breakthroughs in oil and gas exploration

RMB appreciation would worsen job situation

West-East gas pipeline traverses Yangtze River

Chinese lighter makers win dumping suit

Austria targets Chinese tourists

Imports predicted to reach US$1 trillion in 3 years

TV anti-dumping case sees progress

ASEM members vow to boost economic cooperation

Six plans for Beijing´s CBD chosen as finalists

5th ASEM Economic Ministers Meeting concludes

ASEM Economic Ministers Meeting officially opens

5TH ASEM Economic Ministers Meeting opens in Dalian

New plans to help low income house buyers

ASEM members confident about China´s economy

ASEM members hold closed-door consultations

Draft plans for establishing private banks in China

Chinese furniture businesses ready for US lawsuit

Foreign investment in hi-tech sector encouraged

ASEM officials forecast pick-up in economy, closer cooperation

Pet business shows huge potential in China

Guangzhou airport passes ICAO anti-SARS assessment

Qingdao´s Qianwan to become China´s largest container dock

Chinese minister urges ASEM members to boost cooperation

United-US Airway bookings to be just a click away

Chinese hi-tech exports up but profitability remains low

Experts say RMB revaluation unnecessary

Cross-Straits free trade agreement proposed

ASEM Economic Ministers Meeting to open in Dalian

Dalian is ready for ASEM meeting

China, UK growing ever closer in trade

China, UK growing ever closer in trade

China´s NPL rate falls over first half of 2003

Chinese lighter producers almost wins anti-dumping suit

China´s East moves to help poorer Western region

China´s 1st overseas-funded travel agency gets approval

Insurance reform takes hold with PICC split

China feels power shortage

Beijing to restructure 104 SOEs

China Telecom to takeover five subsidiaries

New policy closes tax loopholes

Chinese economy grows 8.2 percent in first half year

New Airbus plane joins fleet of Air China

Chinese auto stocks rise by 26%

WTO membership has helped Chinese auto industry

Hong Kong airline industry recovers from SARS

Chinese government to improve regulations on airfare pricing

Dalian prepares for ASEM economic ministers´ meeting

Car fair opens in China´s auto city

Airlines resume China routes

China to create more favorable investment environment

China´s GDP grows steadily in first half year

Easier entry-exit procedures to HK, Macao

Public hearing on China´s domestic airfares

3rd Int´l Auto Fair opens in Changchun

Public hearing on domestic airfares

China releases Hotel Industry Study 2003

HK hosts meeting to boost Asian tourism

Major milestone for China´s car industry

Tourists to Hong Kong up

Shanghai, Guangdong maintain high GDP growth

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