Much like the role the violin plays in a western symphony orchestra, the Jinghu, a two-stringed bowed instrument with a very high pitch, is a fundamental instrument in a Peking Opera orchestra. The Peking Opera equivalent of the world's most difficult instrument is not a halfpenny easier to command than the violin. On the night of Feb.28, the 15th anniversary of the musical career of Jinghu performer Yan Shouping was celebrated at the Chang'an Grand Theatre. Ma Shuo was there to witness his extraordinary mastery of the difficult instrument.

Classic love story gets ballet treatment  (03/09-15:30)

"Farewell, My Concubine" in dance  (03/09-15:27)

"Lord of the Rings" sweeps Oscars  (03/02-13:29)

CCTV brings Oscar night to China  (03/02-13:28)

Peking Opera musician celebrates five-decade career  (03/02-13:27)

Jordan Chan concert in Hong Kong  (03/02-13:25)

Longevity Buddha Pagoda gets facelift  (03/01-13:38)

Show looks at history, culture of Wenyu River  (03/01-13:37)

Oscar fashion craze  (03/01-13:35)

Celebration for fairy tale master   (03/01-13:28)

Chongqing Toulouse sister city tie enhanced   (02/27-10:39)

World classic ballet staged in China  (02/27-10:35)

Estonian Jewelry on display in Beijing  (02/27-10:24)

New initiative aims to reform media  (02/26-11:01)

Hopefuls vie for anchor glory on CCTV  (02/26-11:00)

Buddhist music show dazzles Taiwan audience  (02/26-10:59)

Ancient porcelain-making sites revisited  (02/26-10:56)

Cartier to showcase collection in Shanghai  (02/26-10:53)

Hawk-eyed tea drinker traces history of popular brew  (02/25-11:14)

Rare shell ridge on the Qaidam Basin   (02/25-11:10)

The mystery of Zheng He´s boat   (02/25-11:08)

Wuhan museums free for students  (02/25-11:04)

Meeting the White-Trousered Yao people  (02/24-11:02)

Pop Idol judge meets "The Simpsons"  (02/24-11:00)

China reforms obsolete English teaching methods  (02/24-10:57)

Sri Lanka gets Chinese tummies grumbling  (02/24-10:52)

Children´s channel entertains and educates  (02/23-16:55)

Centuries-old wood prints come home  (02/23-16:42)

China looks into ancient ethnic Chinese literature  (02/23-16:19)

Artist challenges artistic tradition  (02/23-16:05)

Works of female sculptors shown in Beijing  (02/20-13:41)

Nanjing to get statues of famous residents  (02/20-13:38)

China´s first navy family museum  (02/20-13:34)

Magician David Copperfield whirls into China  (02/20-13:30)

More books to reach China´s rural areas   (02/20-11:12)

Animated films up for Oscars  (02/20-11:07)

Andalucia comes to China  (02/19-11:07)

Competition for art schools intensifies  (02/19-11:05)

Qing Dynasty door boards found   (02/19-11:03)

Female pop stars team up for movie  (02/19-11:01)

A Huqin musician  (02/19-10:05)

China supports more balance in world heritage  (02/18-14:35)

Peking Opera spring season kicks off   (02/18-14:34)

Guns, no longer simply culture of fear  (02/18-14:32)

Chinese contemporary art impresses French audience  (02/18-14:29)

AP photographer wins World Press Photo of Year  (02/17-13:47)

"Lord of the Rings" wins again at Baftas  (02/17-13:43)

Ancient trees grow new wood  (02/17-13:40)

aaaaaa  (02/06-13:10)

Ancient traditions, new trends  (02/06-10:23)

Local Lantern Festival activities in China  (02/06-10:22)

Lanterns light up Chinese night  (02/06-10:22)

Lanterns compete with full moon  (02/06-10:21)

Paper cuttings on display in Shanxi  (02/05-11:11)

Butter flower lantern show lights up Qinghai  (02/05-10:55)

Festival lanterns depict Quanzhou life  (02/05-10:53)

Lantern Festival gets a glitzy welcome  (02/05-10:48)

Quju Opera pays respects to Lao She  (02/04-10:45)

Ancient pottery art revived in south China  (02/04-10:43)

Tale of two towers brings China to Paris  (02/04-10:34)

Serial bells of the Warring States Period  (02/03-15:32)

Beijing to repair world heritage sites  (02/03-11:17)

Lanterns light up Shandong´s sky  (02/03-11:17)

Ancient Egypt lives on as tourist spot  (02/03-11:16)

Muslims celebrate Kurban Bayami  (02/03-11:16)

Cultural events bring inspiration to rural areas  (02/02-10:32)

Modern Animation Expo sails through traditional festival  (02/02-10:31)

Traditional Chinese kites flying high  (02/02-10:30)

CCTV provides viewers wealth of holiday choices  (01/30-15:11)

Monkey King starts year in Taiwan  (01/30-15:10)

Children enjoy Spring Festival   (01/30-15:09)

Traditional dance shows new look   (01/30-15:08)

PLA Spring Festival gala  (01/17-10:52)

Short sketch dons new face for Festival Gala  (01/17-10:52)

Japanese woodblock prints donated to Museum   (01/17-10:51)

Animated "Butterfly Lovers" revives classic tale  (01/17-10:51)

Stage stars busy with Spring Festival Gala  (01/16-11:19)

Chinese Opera Gala ready for Spring Festival  (01/16-11:18)

Shadow puppets to spice up Spring Festival   (01/16-11:17)

More story telling songs at Spring Festival gala  (01/15-10:46)

Spring Festival culture timetable announced   (01/15-10:45)

Hong Kong fashion rides the crest of a wave  (01/15-10:45)

China wares that chime out beautiful melodies  (01/15-10:44)

Spring Festival gala connects overseas Chinese  (01/14-15:05)

Festival season takes hold  (01/14-14:59)

Old paintings have fresh outlook   (01/14-14:59)

Cartoonist brings classic works into 21st century  (01/14-14:57)

Spring Festival gala puts on exotic touch  (01/13-14:40)

Viewers spoilt for choice for New Year   (01/13-14:38)

Cartoonists celebrate New Year   (01/13-14:38)

Palace temple fair to see in Chinese New Year   (01/13-14:37)

TV gala promises toe-tapping time   (01/12-11:11)

Beijing culture week opens in Paris  (01/12-11:08)

Viewers spoilt for choice in New Year TV land   (01/12-11:06)

Ancient tomb under national protection  (01/12-10:56)

CCTV shoots Spring Festival Opera Gala  (01/09-11:14)

Ceramic arts show dazzles Beijing   (01/09-11:14)

Sound of China echoes in Vienna  (01/09-11:13)

Painting of royal garden returns to China  (01/09-11:11)

Spring Festival Gala countdown begins   (01/08-14:51)

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