Historical Celebrities  

Zheng He´s Voyages Mencius Guo Shoujing Wang Anshi Zhuangzi

  Historical Sites  

The Pagoda Forest in the Tanzhe Temple
Located in the west suburbs of Beijing and having a history of a dozen or more dynasties, the Tanzhe Temple has seem numerous monks do Buddhist practice here and finish their lives in this world, thus leaving many pagoda tombs in different styles close by the temple.

  Folk Arts  

Shanxi-Shaanxi hall in Liaocheng
Situated in Shandong, the Shanxi-Shaanxi hall faces eastwards the river. It is a construction compacts during the eighth year of the Emperor Qian Long of Qing Dynasty, already 258 years old...


Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio
Strange Tales from Make-do Studio is a collection of peculiar short stories. It tops the artistic achievement of short stories created in classical Chinese language.
  Its author is Pu Songling of the Qing Dynasty.


Private Academies
Educational institutions in ancient China consisted of National University, Directorate of Education, and private schools. Private academy was a new form of educational institution that came into existence in the Song Dynasty.

  Science & Technology  

Compendium of Materia Medica
The traditional Chinese medicine is a great treasure house, in which the Compendium of Materia Medica is an epoch-making, encyclopedic work.
  Talking about the Compendium, one will naturally call to mind its author, the great medicine scientist Li Shizhen.

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