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A Huqin musician
When playing the Huqin, a musical instrument, a Huqin musician is able to get more knowledge of Chinese musical culture.

Let's Review
Serial bells of the Warring States Period
To demonstrate uneven and circling rhythm.
Nanning Iinternational Folk Song Festival
The performances from people all around the world to gather in Nanning.
Xiao Diao
Xiao Diao is a kind of folk singing.
Beijing Opera
Beijing Opera is the accumulation of Chinese culture experienced 5,000 years or so.
Centre Stage

Center Stage is an entertainment, magazine show, broadcast daily. The half-hour program is a stage for the colorful Chinese performing art, such as song and dance, opera, music and folk art. It is both entertaining and full of information. It is a great treat both to the eye and to the ear. C Center Stage
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