Zhu "proud" of unprecedented rapid development of Chinese economy

2.5 trillion Yuan of quality assets for next government: Zhu

Premier: Japanese Crown Prince welcomed to visit China

Foreign banks in Shanghai apply for expanded business

Premier rules out risk of increased deficits

Chinese Premier Meets Press

China's top legislature closes annual session

Highlights of Major Beijing-based Newspapers --Mar. 15

China's Top Legislature Closes Annual Session

Chinese legislature approves work report of supreme court

NPC annual session closes

Chinese legislature adopts budget plan for 2002

Chinese legislature adopts work report of top prosecutor

Chinese legislature adopts 2002 economic, social development plan

Chinese legislature adopts decision on election

Draft rules on NPC deputy election for HK, Macao reviewed

Top lawmaker reports progress in legislative work

Election of 10th NPC to be completed in January

NPC to continue making laws to comply to WTO rules: Li Peng

Top legislature to finish tasks in last year of its term: Li Peng

NPC Fifth Session holds third plenum

NPC chairman on election of tenth people's congresses

CPPCC members urge government departments to get wise to the web

Chinese FM addresses world press

Senior Chinese officials join group discussions

Chinese FM expects progress in Sino-U.S. arms control discussion

China, India share more common grounds than differences: FM

URGENT: China, India share more common grounds than differences: FM

FM: mechanism to close economic ties between HK and mainland launched

China willing to work with U.S. for constructive, cooperative Ties: Chinese FM

URGENT: Chinese FM on constructive, cooperative relations with U.S.

China's WTO entry conducive to Hong Kong development: FM

U.S. should abide by commitment on Taiwan Issue: Chinese FM

China's WTO entry conducive to Hong Kong Development: FM

U.S. should abide by commitment on Taiwan Issue: Chinese FM

China opposes U.S. "Taiwan Relations Act"

Peace,development remain main themes: Chinese FM

Chinese Foreign Minister meeting press

Premier on China's Foreign Policy for 2002

Premier Reiterates Principle for Cross-Straits Talks

Premier Confident of Prospects of HK, Macao

Premier on Defense, Stability

Premier Calls for Further Government Reform

Premier on Sustainable Development Strategy

Premier Slashes Extravagant Activities

Premier Stresses Role of Science, Education in Development

Premier Calls for Promoting Spiritual Civilization

Premier Calls for Greater Efforts to Regulate Market Order

Premier Calls for Wider Opening After WTO Entry

Premier Calls for Greater Efforts to Promote SOE Reform

China to Issue 150 Billion Yuan of Treasury Bonds This Year: Premier

Premier Calls for Pushing Forward Economic Restructuring

Premier Highlights Rural Work (1)

Premier Highlights Rural Work (2)

Premier Calls for Efforts to Increase Personal Income

China's Economy Keeps Good Development Momentum: Premier

Premier Zhu Reports Government Work

CPPCC Proposals Benefit National Economic and Social Development

CPPCC Tasks for 2002 Outlined

Urgent: CPPCC Session Opens

Press briefed on upcoming CPPCC meeting

NPC and CPPCC delegates arrive for annual sessions

CPPCC National Committee Standing Committee Closes 16th Meeting

Beijing Ready for National Meetings

National People's Congress Makes Progress in Legislation and Supervision

NPC Standing Committee Meets

Top Advisory Body's Annual Session to Open March 3

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