Foucus on Anti锛峴ecession law
•  Anti-Secession Law rally condemned
•  Thai-Chinese groups back Anti-Secession Law
•  China´s NGOs support new Anti-Secession Law
•  More support for Anti-Secession Law
•  Anti-secession law finds broad support
•  Yes to Anti-Secession Law
•  Anti-Secession Law widely hailed
•  Statement backs Anti-Secession Law
•  Non-Communist Party on Anti-secession Law
•  New law to enhance Cross-Straits ties
•  Press Conference on Anti-Secession Law
•  Overseas support for Anti-Secession Law


Overseas Reaction on Anti锛峴ecession law
•  Macedonia backs China´s anti-secession law
•  Comoros supports China´s Anti-Secession Law
•  Cambodia backs China´s Anti-Secession Law
•  Chinese associations in Europe back China´s anti-secession law
•  Chinese in Britain back China´s anti-secession law
•  Indonesia understands China´s adoption of Anti-Secession Law
•  Chinese community in Sydney support anti-secession law
•  Azerbaijan FM: Uified China benefits world stability
•  Chinese in southern Africa voice support for anti-secession law
•  Overseas Chinese in Latin America back China´s Anti-Secession Law
• Quotes from Hu´s speech to CPPCC members on cross-Straits relations
• Full text of Four-point guidelines on cross-Straits relations set forth by President Hu
• Full text of explanations on draft Anti-Secession Law
• Full text of explanations on draft Anti-Secession Law
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