Lien's mainland visit schedule
Special report on China enacts Anti-Secession Law
Special report on 2005 NPC and CPPCC sessions
•  CCTV reporter interviews Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan
•  KMT delegation back in Taipei
•  CPC lauds KMT visit as success
•  KMT chairman leaves Shanghai for Taipei
•  Lien Chan welcomes mainland´s gestures of goodwill
•  Farewell banquet held for KMT delegation
•  Mainland makes gestures of goodwill
•  Taiwan business people on the mainland have welcomed Lien Chan´s visit.
•  Lien Chan meets Taiwan businesspeople in Shanghai
•  KMT delegation visits Shanghai


Video News
•  KMT chairman leaves Shanghai for Taipei(2005-05-03 13:31) 
•  Hu Jintao meets KMT Chairman Lien Chan(2005-04-29 15:35) 
•  KMT chairman calls for win-win situation (Lien Chan´s speech at Peking University)(2005-04-29 11:34) 
•  Lien Chan arrives Nanjing (2005-04-27 17:03)
•  Tel Interview with Professor Chong-hai Shaw in Taiwan(2005-04-26 14:11) 
•  Taiwan businesspeople welcome Lien´s vis
•  Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents on Hu & Lien Meeting
•  Overseas Chinese welcome Lien visit
•  CPC, KMT reportedly to end hostilities formally
•  Focus on "big picture" across Straits
•  Mainland scholars say Lien Chan´s visit beneficial to cross-Straits ties
•  Lien´s visit helps cross-Straits dialogue
•  Lien´s historic visit has major implications
• Cross-Strait relations: 18 months of progress
• Builds up the foundation of cross-Straits talks
• Cross-Straits cultural exchanges boom
•  Lien Chan, chairman of the KMT
• Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen
• Full text of Anti-Secession Law
• Full text of explanations on draft Anti-Secession Law
• Four-point guidelines on cross-Straits relations set forth by President Hu (Full text)
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