Dialogue will focus on these topics of 2005 NPC & CPPCC sessions.
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Democracy with Chinese characteristics
CPPCC members on prosperity and stability in HK
China鈥檚 social & economic development
Deliberations on anti-secession law
Emphasis & dynamics on China鈥檚 diplomacy
Plenums of CPPCC & NPC
Entry of private businesses in State sectors
Compulsory education in countryside
Medical relief in China
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•  China´s parliament adopts Anti-Secession Law
    China´s parliament, the National People´s Congress (NPC), ratified the Anti-Secession Law with an overwhelming vote of 2,896 to 0 here Monday
•  China´s top legislature closes annual session
     China´s top legislature, the National People´s Congress (NPC), closed its nine-and-half-day annual session Monday morning.
News updates
Focus on anti锛峴ecession law
Government Report
Press Conference
Bill & Proposals
Issues of The Day
• Issues of the day (03-14)
Specials on CCTV锛9
•  Rediscovering China
    Rediscovering China will provide a special report on NPC and CPPCC session. Bring you the new view on NPC and CPPCC.
    With China opening up to the world, more and more people from other countries are beginning to understand many things Chinese. There are however, several things they might not know, mainly on the political side.
•  Exclusive interviews (Videos)
    Dialogue broadcasts a series of programs on this years´s NPC & CPPCC sessions:

Implication of the Anti-Secession Law

LIVE coverage of the NPC session closing ceremony & Premier Wen Jiabao鈥檚 Press Conference

Stability and Prosperity in Hong Kong

Improving education in China´s rural areas

Cross-Strait Relations

Historical & National Conditions for China´s Democracy

Premier Wen´s Work Report

China´s Security Concerns and Diplomacy

Mainland Stands Firm on One China
Economy Issues
•  Biz News
    BizChina provides you latest China´s economy news.
Reporting Team of
•  Reporter Wang Ping interview with Pan Yunhe, NPC member from Zhejiang Province
•  Reporter Wang Ping interview with Niu Yuqin, NPC member from Shaanxi Province
•  Reporter Gao Zhengkui interview with Tao Yisheng, NPC member from Anhui Province
•  Editors at preparation meeting
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