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Escort fleet marks anniversary in Gulf of Aden


Source: | 04-24-2009 08:51

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

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The Navy's escorting task force celebrated the 60th anniversary far from Qingdao in the waters off Somalia.

The PLA sailors on the three warships of the naval fleet gave a salute to the motherland to mark the Navy's birthday at sunrise on Thursday.
The PLA sailors on the three warships of the naval fleet
gave a salute to the motherland to mark the Navy's birthday
at sunrise on Thursday.

The PLA sailors on the three warships of the naval fleet gave a salute to the motherland to mark the Navy's birthday at sunrise on Thursday. The ceremony was held in the Gulf of Aden after the task force successfully completed a two-day escorting mission.

Ten merchant ships arrived safely at their destinations. Some of the ships also sent birthday greetings to the naval fleet by flag signals and paintings on the deck. The naval fleet is the second task force sent by China to guard against pirates off the Somali Coast.