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  • China supports stable regional relations

    When asked about Duterte's trip to Japan, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it supports strong regional relations.

  • Chinese FM wants international respect

    China's foreign ministry has reiterated its wish that countries which promised to respect the One-China policy would do so when it comes to Tibet-related issues. The Czech Republic and Slovakia issued statements to reconfirm their standing on the policy, after some prominent political figures received the 14th Dalai Lama.

  • China calls Japan's recruitment of comfort women a 'crime against humanity'

    China has called the forced recruitment of comfort women by the Japanese military during the Second World War 'an atrocious crime against humanity'. The remarks come after the Japanese government criticized the unveiling of a statue commemorating the struggles of comfort women in Shanghai.

  • China to see sharp drop in temperature

    Cold air is coming, most cities in China are expected to see a sharp decline in temperature

  • Elderly Chinese migrant workers delay retirement

    The National Bureau of Statistics says there are around 280 million migrant workers in this country, but less than one-fourth of them have elderly insurance for enterprise employees. This is forcing them to postpone retirement.

  • Tracking down overseas fugitives

    As part of its fight against corruption, China has stepped up its 'Fox Hunt' campaign to track down wanted officials and executives 'hiding' overseas. Thanks to the operation, China has grabbed more than 630 fugitives from nearly 70 countries and regions around the world in the last ten months.


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