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  • Canadian economist on G20, trade with China

    We have also interviewed a Canadian economist from the Conference Board of Canada. He talks about his expectations for the G20 Summit, China's economy, and trade relations between China and Canada.

  • Studio interview: Host city has major facelift for summit

    The local government has put a lot of resources into renovating the infrastructure of the city, but there’s also been an emphasis on preparing its people for what lies ahead. So how do they feel about the recent developments in what has always been a very traditional Chinese town? For some comment on this, I’m joined in studio by Tao Zhengju, from Zhejiang University of Technology.

  • Hangzhou ready to host world leaders

    China has plenty of experience to fall back on when hosting major events such as the G20 Summit. We just have to look at the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. But this is unchartered territory for a city which is just making its name on the international stage really. So how has Hangzhou been getting set?

  • Hangzhou seeks to become more international

    Like many other major Chinese cities, Hangzhou is looking overseas. That's because competition for capital, technology and experienced human resources is now global. Events like the G20 Summit and the 2022 Asian Games will go along way to putting the city firmly on the world map. But what's the city's long-term plan, and how will the recent upgrades ultimately benefit the local people.

  • Host city is ancient with amazing natural scenes

    Next weekend, leaders of the world's biggest economies will gather in Hangzhou to look at ways to revive the stagnating global economy. But why was Zhejiang's capital chosen as host, instead of more cosmopolitan Chinese cities like Beijing or Shanghai? What gives the city its competitive advantage?

  • Crossover: Hangzhou ready to welcome global guests

    In just a week, the G20 Summit will open in Hangzhou. Our reporter Lin Nan is live in Hangzhou to tell us how the city is preparing to welcome global guests.


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