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China holds maritime parade to mark PLA Navy´s 60th anniversary


Source: | 04-23-2009 19:17

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

The Chinese Navy has held a grand maritime parade to mark its 60th anniversary. The celebrations were held off the coast of Qingdao. It was the first time the PLA Navy has ever held a parade of this kind.

Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) waves to the navy vessels which are being reviewed while aboard the destroyer Shijiazhuang in waters off Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, April 23, 2009. A parade displayed 25 naval vessels and 31 aircrafts of the PLA Navy, including two nuclear submarines, as part of a celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy.(Xinhua/Wang Jianmin)
Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) waves to the navy vessels 
which are being reviewed while aboard the destroyer 
Shijiazhuang in waters off Qingdao, east China's Shandong 
Province, April 23, 2009. A parade displayed 25 naval 
vessels and 31 aircrafts of the PLA Navy, including two 
nuclear submarines, as part of a celebration to mark the 
60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy.
(Xinhua/Wang Jianmin)

China says the aim is to strengthen cooperation with other navies in the world, while building a harmonious maritime environment.

Revealing the naval strength of the People's Liberation Army.

The secrets of China's advanced nuclear submarines were on display to the world for the first time. The formation of subs was the first group of 25 Chinese warships on inspection. Following them were destroyers, frigates and missile speedboats. 31 Aircraft fitted with electronic reconnaissance, combat and anti-submarine functions demonstrated the navy's capability to face conventional and non-conventional security challenges. The recent escort mission off Somalia provided a test of the Chinese navy's capabilities in a far off location.

President Hu Jintao, also the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and naval representatives from 29 delegations, were on board China's guided missile destroyer 116 to view the parade.