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China expands naval diplomacy


Source: | 04-23-2009 09:51

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

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The government says it will build China's naval strength to suit national interests, as well as protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The announcement comes from Defense Minister Liang Guanglie.

He said the navy's 60th anniversary celebrations in Qingdao will show the nation as a force for "peace, harmony and cooperation" at sea.
He said the navy's 60th anniversary celebrations in Qingdao 
will show the nation as a force for "peace, harmony and 
cooperation" at sea.[File photo]

He said the navy's 60th anniversary celebrations in Qingdao will show the nation as a force for "peace, harmony and cooperation" at sea. The latest moves in Chinese naval diplomacy at sea are part of its determination to play a bigger role on the world stage.

This isn't the first time in China for the US navy missile destroyer Fitzgerald, but today it's on a special mission. Its commanding officer says face-to-face communication with Chinese counterparts would be "much better than simply reading about them."