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Record travel for Spring Festival


Source: | 01-19-2009 12:24

Special Report:   2009 Spring Festival

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Monday is the 9th day of the Spring Festival travel peak here in China, with the number of journeys hitting record highs over the weekend. The country's rail, airline, and road sectors are working around the clock to manage the passenger surge.

5.1 million train journeys were made across China on Saturday alone, on the last weekend before the start of Spring Festival. Students, migrant workers, and people visiting their families are all traveling at the same time.
5.1 million train journeys were made across China on Saturday 
alone, on the last weekend before the start of Spring Festival. 
Students, migrant workers, and people visiting their families 
are all traveling at the same time.

5.1 million train journeys were made across China on Saturday alone, on the last weekend before the start of Spring Festival. Students, migrant workers, and people visiting their families are all traveling at the same time.