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Efforts in place to meet travel peak


Source: | 01-13-2009 10:24

Special Report:   2009 Spring Festival

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The second official day of the Spring Festival travel period saw a significant increase in passengers. Efforts are in place to meet the increasing number of travelers.

Increasing flows of passengers are testing the country's transportation capability, as 4 and a half million people travelled by train on Monday. 
Increasing flows of passengers are testing the 
country's transportation capability, as 4 and 
a half million people travelled by train on 

Increasing flows of passengers are testing the country's transportation capability, as 4 and a half million people travelled by train on Monday. Over 300 trains have been added to meet the demand.

On Monday, 94 temporary trains departed from the heavily used Guangzhou Railway Station. The trains alleviated some pressure from the large amount of passengers waiting to go home.

Over 200 new ticketing windows have been added in the Beijing West railway station to accommodate the urgently-waiting passengers. And a special train for students was put into service on Sunday to transfer some of them back home.

Another special train set off from Shanghai on Sunday, sending over 1000 students from the Sichuan quake zone back home for the Spring festival.

Meanwhile, road traffic remains in good condition for the many buses that will travel between large cities. Major crowds gathered at Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai long distance bus stations waiting to buy tickets. New ticketing windows are expected to shorten the long-queues of passengers.

Air hubs across the country have also seen an increase in passengers. New flights have been added to meet the increasing demand.


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