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Spring Festival travel peak continues


Source: | 01-17-2009 10:08

Special Report:   2009 Spring Festival

Travel is heating up ahead of the Spring Festival, with the number of passengers at Beijing West Railway Station chugging past 190 thousand on Friday.

Travel is heating up ahead of the Spring Festival, with the number of passengers at Beijing West Railway Station chugging past 190 thousand on Friday.
Travel is heating up ahead of the Spring Festival, with
the number of passengers at Beijing West Railway Station
chugging past 190 thousand on Friday.

Greater passenger flows are expected for the coming days. And station employees say they're doing their best to ensure smooth and safe transport during the peak season.

The Spring Festival holiday season is only nine days away, and vast numbers of people are returning to their homes to celebrate.

Yao Hongren, Beijing West Railway Station, said, "The peak travel time has arrived. It's mainly because college students have begun their winter vacation and started to return home. The trend will last for quite a few days. The busiest time will come between 21st to 24th. At that time, daily passenger number will exceed 200 thousand."

Huge number of passengers means a great test for the transport networks. The Station said it has made great efforts to keep everything running smoothly.

Yao Hongren, Beijing West Railway Station, said, "In these days, the railway transportation is in good order. There are no delays."