Poll Questions

Should government officials declare their assets status when taking and leaving office?

Yes, it will be a very effective measure to curb corruption.

Yes, it is a positive gesture even though it may not be very effective in fighting corruption.

Yes, those who fear this policy must have something dirty to hide.

No, government officials have the right of privacy.

No, the government should find other ways to monitor the assets status of officials.

No, it is simply useless.

Other (Any comment?)


What do you think of China’s rejection of Coca-Cola′s bid for Huiyuan?

It is an effective anti-monopoly measure and the right decision.

This decision will help the healthy development of China´s juice industry.

China should build more international brands of its own.

The government should not interfere with the market operation.

This may arouse suspicion of protectionism.

As long as the product is of good quality and reasonable price, I don´t care it is a Chinese brand or a foreign one.

This is not a good example for other countries in the current world economic situation.

Hard to say


What is your biggest concern of food safety?

Bad nutrition and junk food

Deliberate adulteration

Contamination of raw materials

Food additives

Selling of expired food

Methods of food processing

Insufficient food safety supervision and inspection

Out-of-date food safety standards

Food manufacturers‘ lack of social responsibility

Other (Any comment?)


What is the biggest obstacle consumers meet in protecting their lawful rights?

Monopolized industries are too powerful

High costs of seeking protection

Insuffient enforcement of the "Law on the Protection of Consumers‘ Rights and Interests"

It is too much trouble and not worth the time

Limited functions of the consumers‘ association

Consumers lack the awareness of their lawful rights

Mild punishments for unlawful business behaviors



What do you think is the best to do when your rights as a consumer are compromised?

Complain to the manufacturer, service provider or seller and demand compensation

Keep quiet and never go back there again

Complain to yourself and wish bad things happen to the bad guy

Go to the consumers‘ association and file a complaint

Dial “12315” and file a complaint

Publish an announcement on TV or in the newspaper

Start a legal action at the people‘s court

Expose the product or service and the manufacturer, service provider or seller on the internet as a warning to other people