Poll Questions

1. In what area is Hillary Clinton’s China visit mostly likely to achieve significant progress?

Global financial crisis

Climate change

Environmental protection

Women’s rights

Six-party talks

Sino-US economic cooperation

Other (Any comment?)


2. What do you think China should do to retrieve lost Chinese relics from overseas?

Buy them back

Firmly demand their unconditional return

Retrieve them through international legal actions

Retrieve them by diplomatic means

Leave them where they are

Other (Any comment?)


3. The Chinese bidder has refused to pay for the two bronze sculptures. What do you think of his act?

I support him. By doing so he shows love for his country.

I support him. But he should find the legal justification for his refusal to pay.

It‘s not good. By doing so he will compromise the credibility and good faith of Chinese businessmen.

It’s not good. He shouldn‘t have bid for the relics at the first place.

It’s not good. He is just another man who has found a quick way to big fame.

Other (Any comment?)