Poll Questions

1. What is the primary reason for the current severe employment situation in China? 2009-02-18

Bankruptcy of small businesses due to China’s shrinking export sector

Enterprises are downsizing their staff in face of the current global economic meltdown

Large increase in the number of new university graduates

Job hunters have set unrealistic career goals for themselves

There are just not enough job opportunities

Other (Any comment?)


2. Which is the most effective measure to solve the employment problem of university graduates? 2009/02/18

Admit more of them for post-graduate study

Encourage them to start their own businesses

Encourage them to work in under-developed regions and rural areas

Reduce the number of new university students

Reform the higher education system

Provide them with practical free training courses

Give policy and finance support to the enterprises that employ a certain number of new gradates

Other (Any comment?)


3. Which workweek combination would you prefer if you could choose? 2009-03-02

5 days 40 hours

5 days 35 hours, less pay

4 days 40 hours, same pay

4 days 32 hours, less pay

Other (Any comment?)


4. What is the best age to retire?


60 for men and 55 for women

65 for men and 55 for women

50 for men and 45 for women


People should be able to decide on their own when to retire

Other (Any comment?)