Poll Questions

1. Shanghai has issued new 'hukou' policies. Do you think other cities in China should follow Shanghai's example?

Yes, ‘hukou’ reforms are a general trend

Yes, ‘hukou’ reforms will greatly help the urban development

No, Shanghai‘s policies are far from enough

No, other major cities are different from Shanghai

No, the government should strengthen ‘hukou’ control to cope with the problems of urbanization

Other (Any comment?)


2. What do you think China should do to curb corruption?

Enact more anti-corruption laws

Improve the anti-corruption organs and systems

Impose more severe punishment on corrupt officials

Abolish the death penalty for economic crimes

Strengthen the surveillance of government officials‘ source of incomes

Make full use of the media, modern technologies and common citizens to expose corruption

Give government officials higher salaries to prevent them from taking bribes

Increase the reward for the informants who report later-confirmed corruption

Other (Any comment?)


3. Should government officials declare their assets status when taking and leaving office?

Yes, it will be a very effective measure to curb corruption.

Yes, it is a positive gesture even though it may not be very effective in fighting corruption.

Yes, those who fear this policy must have something dirty to hide.

No, government officials have the right of privacy.

No, the government should find other ways to monitor the assets status of officials.

No, it is simply useless.

Other (Any comment?)