Poll Questions

1. What do you want to get for Valentine’s Day? 2009-02-12




A hand-made card

A romantic gift

A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant

Watch a movie

A day off work

A party

Other (Any comment?)


2. Should firecrackers and fireworks be banned? 2009-02-03

Yes, they are a waste of money.

Yes, the noise is unbearable.

Yes, they cause serious pollution.

Yes, they may cause personal injury and fire.

No, they are an integral part of the festival celebration.

No, people love them.

No, they add to the festive mood.

No, they are an important tradition.

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3. How do you rate the 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala? 2009-01-25

10 (Perfect)


8 (Good)


6 (OK)

Below 6

I do not care

Any comment ?