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Calm prevails in Gaza Strip


Source: | 01-24-2009 14:01

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

Mosques were filled throughout Gaza without fear of Israeli strikes on the first Friday after a ceasefire was declared. And in the West Bank, hundreds of people took to the streets in what they called a victory rally.

Palestinians look at an unexploded bomb dropped by the Israeli airforce in Rafah near the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt.(AFP/Said Khatib)
Palestinians look at an unexploded bomb dropped by the
Israeli airforce in Rafah near the Gaza Strip's border
with Egypt.(AFP/Said Khatib)

Near two destroyed mosques in Al-Saftawi and the Jebaliya refugee camp, men spread carpets on sandy ground to prepare for open-air prayers.

In Jebaliya, Hamas official Mushir al-Masri led the prayers. He spoke about reconciliation between the militant group and Fatah, saying Hamas will refuse any negotiations based on what he calls an Israeli or US agenda.

In Jerusalem, UN aid chief John Holmes condemned Israel's alleged use of white phosphorous during the bombardment of Gaza.

John Holmes, UN Aid Chief, said, "On white phosphorus we have little or no doubt that it was being used in different ways in Gaza, the attack on the UNRA compound, the hit on the UNRA compound, which caused the warehouse to be burned down, we have little or no doubt was caused by white phosphorus shells, was set on fire by white phosphorus.

Meanwhile, several hundred Hamas supporters, including women and children, took part in a what they called a "victory rally" in the southern West Bank town of Hebron on Friday.

And clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces erupted in the West Bank villages of Nilin and Bilin after a protest against the separation barrier, under construction nearby.


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