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Hamas expresses disappointment on Obama´s comments


Source: | 01-24-2009 09:52

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

A senior Hamas official has expressed his disappointment over comments made by US President Barack Obama following the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking on Friday in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Sami Abu Zuhri said Obama "is still repeating the previous position of Bush".(
Speaking on Friday in the Indonesian capital Jakarta,
Sami Abu Zuhri said Obama "is still repeating the 
previous position of Bush".(

Speaking on Friday in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Sami Abu Zuhri said Obama "is still repeating the previous position of Bush".

Obama said on Thursday that Hamas must end rocket fire at Israel, and Israel must finish removing its forces from Gaza.

Obama also said his administration would support what he called a "credible" system of ending smuggling weapons into the territory, and that he was concerned about the loss of life on both sides.

Abu Zuhri said Hamas would keep up its fight against Israel. Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters in Jakarta staged an anti-Israeli rally.

They demanded that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert be tried by an international tribunal for alleged war crimes committed during the Gaza attacks.


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