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Chinese naval force carrying out 2nd escort mission


Source: | 01-14-2009 08:56

Special Report:   China navy's escorting mission

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A Chinese naval task force is carrying out its second escort mission in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia. The vessels are accompanying four merchant ships including one from Taiwan.

A Chinese naval task force is carrying out its second escort mission in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia. 
A Chinese naval task force is carrying out its second escort 
mission in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia.

Benefiting from the task force's protection this time are two ships from Shanghai, one from Taiwan and one from the Philippines, which is registered in China.

Accompanied by the destroyer Wuhan, the four ships set out in a line for a voyage of some 550 nautical miles.

Two groups of navy special forces are aboard the first and the last ships.

The destroyer Haikou will join the mission later in an area where the pirates are more likely to be encountered.

The escort mission is courageous and also environment-friendly.

Every other day, garbage is transported from the two destroyers to the supply ship.

Liu Yi, head of Logistics Team, said, "After we fill the destroyers with food and daily necessities, we'll take back solid garbage, including plastic bottles, and wrapping boxes. "

The garbage is then taken aboard the supply ship for compression.

In addition, each vessel of the escort fleet has sewage disposal equipment, meaning their discharges meet international standards.


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