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China: Application for escort protection needed 7 days in advance


Source: | 01-07-2009 13:37

Special Report:   China navy's escorting mission

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China's Ministry of Transport says merchant ships travelling in the waters off the Somali coast need to apply for the Chinese naval fleet's escort protection 7 days ahead of time.

He Jianzhong, spokesman of Ministry of Transport, said, 
He Jianzhong, spokesman of Ministry of Transport, said, 
"So far the China Shipowners' Association and the National 
Maritime Search & Rescue Center have received 15 applications 
for escort protection. It is likely all the applications will 
be approved."

He Jianzhong, spokesman of Ministry of Transport, said, "So far the China Shipowners' Association and the National Maritime Search & Rescue Center have received 15 applications for escort protection. It is likely all the applications will be approved."


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