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Saudi tanker hostages speak by phone about capture


Source: | 11-26-2008 14:08

The capture of a Saudi Arabian supertanker ten days ago has focused world attention on rampant piracy off the coast of Somalia.

Two British crew members on board the Sirius Star oil tanker held by pirates have spoken about their ordeal by telephone.

Two British crew members on board the Sirius Star oil tanker held by pirates have spoken about their ordeal by telephone.(
Two British crew members on board the Sirius Star
oil tanker held by pirates have spoken about their
ordeal by telephone. (

James Grady, Second Officer of "Sirius Star", said, (Reporter asking: Are they heavily armed?)


"It happened very quickly, really. Local ship's time. It was early on the 15th, local ships time, 0855 they boarded the ship. And by two minutes past we were slowing down. Because they were in control of the bridge."

Grady describes the pirates as relaxed but heavily armed. Grady and chief engineer Peter French say they have not been mistreated, and have asked their families not to worry.


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