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Released captain: Hot pursuit to deal with pirates


Source: | 11-26-2008 10:41

The Indian captain of the Japanese-owned cargo ship released by Somali pirates says hot pursuit is the only solution to repel pirate attacks.

All the crew members of the ship have been released.

Somalia, which has had no functioning government for 17 years, is the world's top piracy hotspot.(
Somalia, which has had no functioning government for
17 years, is the world's top piracy hotspot.(

These are the remaining Indian crew of the Stolt Valor, the ship that was released by Somali pirates 9 days ago. They arrived in New Delhi in the early hours of Tuesday, a day after four others had returned to Mumbai.

The ship's captain described the conditions in the Gulf of Aden as completely lawless.

Prabhat Goyal, Captain Hijacked Shio Stolt Valor, said, "There is no law there and nothing works. So, no owners have got any anything that they can get us released fast, neither managers nor no one can help us. We are in a place where there is no law and what we have experienced, I think nobody can even imagine."