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Indian navy sinks pirate "mother ship"


Source: | 11-25-2008 13:56

The Indian navy has released a photo showing the outcome of its battle with a Somali pirate ship.

On November 18th, an Indian frigate sank what was identified as a Somali pirate mother ship.

The Indian navy has released a photo showing the outcome of its battle with a Somali pirate ship.
The Indian navy has released a photo showing the
outcome of its battle with a Somali pirate ship.

Following the confrontation, small speedboats accompanying the pirate vessel were seen racing into the darkness.

There are presently warships from Russia, India, Malaysia, Denmark and the U.S. patrolling the area. But Somali pirates currently hold 15 ships and nearly 300 crew members.

The hijacked vessels are being held for ransom on the eastern and southern coast.