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Backgrounder: Historical moments of ARATS & SEF


Back in 1992, the two organizations held negotiations in Hong Kong, reaching the famed "1992 Consensus".

In 1993, ARATS chairman Wang Daohan and SEF chairman Koo Chen-fu held talks in Singapore.
In 1993, ARATS chairman Wang Daohan and SEF chairman Koo
Chen-fu held talks in Singapore.

One year later, in 1993, ARATS chairman Wang Daohan and SEF chairman Koo Chen-fu held talks in Singapore. It was the first public meeting between high-level figures from across the straits since 1949.

The meeting between Wang and Koo established an institutionalized negotiation mechanism, marking an important step forward in cross-straits relations.

During the Wang-Koo meeting, four agreements were signed to promote trade and people-to-people exchanges. After the meeting, more than 20 consultations at different levels were held.