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Backgrounder: Historical moments of ARATS & SEF


Five years later in 1998, Wang and Koo shook hands again in Shanghai. They reached a consensus on four points involving dialogue across the Straits on political issues.
Five years later in 1998, Wang and Koo shook hands again 
in Shanghai. They reached a consensus on four points involving 
dialogue across the Straits on political issues.

Five years later in 1998, Wang and Koo shook hands again in Shanghai. They reached a consensus on four points involving dialogue across the Straits on political issues.

Regrettably, Wang's planned visit to Taiwan island for his third meeting with Koo had to be put off indefinitely. That's because the Taiwan leader at the time, Lee Teng-hui introduced his notorious "two states" theory in July of 1999 -- defining cross-Straits ties as a so-called "state-to-state relationship".

The two honorable men passed away several years later. But fulfilling their dream of pushing forward Cross-Straits ties has continued to motivate compatriots on both sides.