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German medical team arrives in Dujiangyan


Source: | 05-24-2008 09:55

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International medical teams have been arriving in China's quake-ravaged Sichuan Province to help with rescue and relief efforts.

The German medical team arrived in Dujiangyan city on Friday afternoon. They'll set up a mobile hospital with 120 beds. 
The German medical team arrived in Dujiangyan city on 
Friday afternoon. They'll set up a mobile hospital with 
120 beds.

The German medical team arrived in Dujiangyan city on Friday afternoon. They'll set up a mobile hospital with 120 beds.


Member of German medical team
Member of German medical team

Member of German medical team said, "The hospital we are building is worth 750,000 Euros. It's up to the standard of a hospital in a county with a population of 200,000."

The hospital will be set up on Monday. The eleven German medical staff will leave after training the Chinese staff. And the hospital will be donated to China.