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Japanese medical workers in action


Source: | 05-23-2008 13:32

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Several foreign medical teams have arrived at the quake hit areas to help out, including a team from Japan. Right now they are treating injured people at Huaxi Hospital in the city of Chengdu.

Several foreign medical teams have arrived at the quake hit areas to help out, including a team from Japan. Right now they are treating injured people at Huaxi Hospital in the city of Chengdu.
Several foreign medical teams have arrived at the quake
hit areas to help out, including a team from Japan. Right
now they are treating injured people at Huaxi Hospital
in the city of Chengdu.

This medic is the owner of a private clinic in Japan. He's put his business on hold to help save victims of the earthquake.

Member of Japanese Medical Team said "I was grieved when I saw the tragic scenes caused by the earthquake on TV, and I wanted to do my bit to help the victims."

The Japanese medical team include four medics, seven nurses and a pharmacist who are volunteering their services. They are working together with the medical staff at Huaxi Hospital, which has received almost 2000 injured victims of the quake. Time is of the essence and the Japanese medical team are working quickly in the emergency clinic to save lives.

There's no time to get familiarized with the new environment or become completely familiar with the hospital's procedures. Translators stand by their sides to make communication easier with the Chinese patients. The Japanese medical team are assisting doctors at the hospital, but say they are eager to do more.

Japanese medical workers are treating injured people at Huaxi Hospital in Chengdu.
Japanese medical workers are treating injured people 
at Huaxi Hospital in Chengdu.

Another Member of Japanese Medical Team said "I haven't seen people in such a tragic situation. I'm eager to help those with serious afflictions."

The Japanese medical team are in China for ten days, but they are not the only ones offering help. Doctors from Russia have been working in Pengzhou, while an Italian medical team will go to Mianzhu to offer help. Both are the worst quake hit areas. Medical teams from France and UK will also arrive in China shortly.


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