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Foreign medical teams arrive in Sichuan


Source: | 05-21-2008 17:49

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International medical teams are arriving in the quake-hit areas of Sichuan Province.

Members of Japanese medical team walk to board at the Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, May 20, 2008. A 22 member Japanese medical team flew to Chengdu, capital of the quake-hit southwest China's Sichuan Province on Tuesday. (Xinhua Photo)
Members of Japanese medical team walk to
board at the Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture,
Japan, May 20, 2008. A 22 member Japanese medical
team flew to Chengdu, capital of the quake-hit
southwest China's Sichuan Province on Tuesday.
(Xinhua Photo)

A Russian medical team arrived in Chengdu on Tuesday morning bringing a mobile hospital. And a 23-member Japanese medical team including doctors and nurses has also arrived. This team brought five tons of relief supplies including X-ray and blood testing machines.

Members of Russian medical team unload relief materials from a chartered plane carrying a Russian medical team in Chengdu, capital of the quake-hit Sichuan province, May 20, 2008. Along with the team arrived a mobile hospital, vehicles and relief materials. Another 36-tonnes of humanitarian assistance materials from Russia will arrive in the city on Tuesday afternoon including medicines weighing 7 tonnes. (Xinhua Photo)
Members of Russian medical team unload
relief materials from a chartered plane
carrying a Russian medical team in Chengdu, 
capital of the quake-hit Sichuan province, 
May 20, 2008. Along with the team arrived 
a mobile hospital, vehicles and relief 
materials. Another 36-tonnes of humanitarian
assistance materials from Russia will
arrive in the city on Tuesday afternoon
including medicines weighing 7 tonnes. 
(Xinhua Photo)

An Italian medical team is expected to arrive in Chengdu on Wednesday, and a German medical team is expected to arrive on Friday.


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