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Russian medical team busy working in Sichuan

Source: | 05-22-2008 18:25

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The Russian rescue team has returned home. But the medical workers are still in Sichuan, joining the Russian Medical Team that arrived on Wednesday. 57 members are now at work.

The Russian Medical Team arrived in Chengdu on Wednesday morning. They've brought a mobile hospital, transport vehicles and other relief materials, including 7 tons of medicine.

Dozens of huge tents make up the temporary hospital. They have operating rooms, examination rooms and wards. Doctors can perform 5 operations at the same time, and treat 300 injured people a day. There are 25 beds for the severely wounded.

The team began treating patients immediately upon arrival. Most of the 20 patients have suffered fractures.

Russia has sent a highly experienced team. Most members assisted after the earthquake in Indian-controlled Kashmir and the Indian Ocean tsunami.

A Russian medical team member said, "What we do is international humanitarian assistance in natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Wherever the assistance is needed, we will go.

This psychologist spends his time working with the children.

A Russian psychologist said, "We talk with the children, and try our best to help them out of the shadow of the disaster."


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