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Death toll rises to 54 as fighting continues in Lebanon


Source: | 05-13-2008 10:47

The Lebanese army says it will intervene - using force if needed - after heavy fighting broke out between government supporters and opponents in the northern city of Tripoli on Monday. 

The Lebanese army says it will intervene - using 
force if needed - after heavy fighting broke out
between government supporters and opponents
in the northern city of Tripoli on Monday.

The Lebanese army says it will intervene - using force if needed - after heavy fighting broke out between government supporters and opponents in the northern city of Tripoli on Monday. The latest battles come after Lebanese army soldiers quelled similar clashes which killed at least 16 people in mountains overlooking the capital.


Fighting had stopped in Tripoli on Sunday after government troops were deployed between the two sides but erupted a day after soldiers pulled back.

Meanwhile, at least eleven people were killed in fierce clashes between pro- and anti- government supporters entrenched in the central Aaley region of Mount Lebanon. Fighting lulled late Sunday after the Druse Democratic Party, allied with Hezbollah, mediated a cease-fire to hand over the region to government troops.

The latest clashes have pushed the death toll to 54 since the violence erupted five days ago.


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