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Lhasa returning to normal


Source: | 04-06-2008 18:35

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Earlier, CCTV reporter Wang Xin talked to us from Lhasa. He introduced the situation in the city three weeks after the riots.

CCTV reporter Wang Xin talked to us from Lhasa. He introduced the situation in the city three weeks after the riots.
CCTV reporter Wang Xin talked to us from Lhasa. He introduced 
the situation in the city three weeks after the riots.

Wang Xin: For most of the residents here in Lhasa, life has returned to normal. They go to work, go shopping, children go to school. For them, to a large extent, things are how they were before March 14. But as you know, tourism has been severely affected in the city. And for people in the tourism business, it will still be quite some time for business to rejuvenate. Before it was hard to get a taxi, but now it’s pretty easy. Things are definitely improving. In the daytime, shops are all open for business. And at night, we do see many bars and recreational places open and running. That is a big difference from about a week ago, when many bars were closed at night. Also, we are seeing more and more people on the streets at night, a lot different from a week ago when we saw few people out in the evening. I must say, Lhasa is returning to normal and it is now a safe place to be.


Editor:Zhang Ning