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Life returns to normal in Aba


Source: | 03-25-2008 09:09

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Life is returning to normal following the rampage in Aba County a week ago. Residents spoke to CCTV reporter, Zhang Lu, about the changing situation.

Children return to school on Monday morning. The flag-raising ceremony is a Monday routine. All children are happy to be back.

Pupil Ma Yunpeng said, "We couldn't go to school last week. I couldn't play with my friends. I hope that will not happen again, I want to go to school everyday."
Pupil Ma Yunpeng said, "We couldn't go to school last week. 
I couldn't play with my friends. I hope that will not happen 
again, I want to go to school everyday."

Pupil Ma Yunpeng said, "We couldn't go to school last week. I couldn't play with my friends. I hope that will not happen again, I want to go to school everyday."

After the rampage, 3 elementary schools and 2 middle schools in Aba County suspended classes.

Yungzhoitar, deputy principal of Aba No.2 Elementary school, said, "The riot has greatly impacted the teaching in our school. For the sake of the student's safety, we suspended classes and dismissed all the students."

So far, all the 5 schools have resumed classes and their teachers say it's important for these children to have a good and safe environment in which to study.

Things are also getting better in the market. More residents are leaving their homes to buy food.
Things are also getting better in the market. More residents 
are leaving their homes to buy food.

Things are also getting better in the market. More residents are leaving their homes to buy food.

A vendor said, "My business improved in the last two days. More buyers are coming, it's a really good change."

The shoppers say they are satisfied with the market supply and the price is stable.

An Aba resident said, "They are transporting more vegetables here in the last two days, pretty good. The price is almost the same."

Local residents say social order is improving and they are now less worried.


Editor:Zhang Ning