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Life in Lhasa back to normal


Source: | 03-18-2008 08:45

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Life in Lhasa is returning to normal as Tibetan officials say traffic in the regional capital has resumed, and offices, schools and shops have re-opened.

Life in Lhasa is returning to normal as Tibetan officials say traffic in the regional capital has resumed, and offices, schools and shops have re-opened. (
Life in Lhasa is returning to normal as Tibetan officials
say traffic in the regional capital has resumed, and 
offices, schools and shops have re-opened. (

Jibenggang Primary School is on one of the most seriously damaged streets in Lhasa. Parents took their children right to the gate on Monday morning.

Lhasa resident Sarkye said, "That day was violent, now it's fine."

The principal said during Friday's lunch break, rioters on the streets had tried to break into the school.

Deyang, principal of Jibenggang Primary school, said, "They were trying to break the school gates and damaged the front and back gates. At the back gate a group of rioters tried several time to break into the school. Many teachers and parents said to them it's a school. The rioters say they wouldn't spare it, even it was was school. "

The teachers gathered the 1500 students together to comfort them. No one was physically hurt, but the principal is worried about the emotional harm.

Tenzing Wangchuk, 3rd grade student of Jibenggang Primary school, said, "I was very scared when they were rioting outside and worried about my parents. Some of my classmates cried. Parents worried about us too."

Now the playground has resumed its bustle and excitement.

Food and daily necessities were readily available at the supermarket,and people began to come out of their homes after two days of fear. 
Food and daily necessities were readily available at
the supermarket,and people began to come out of their
homes after two days of fear. (

Life in the streets is also returning to normal. Many shops that not heavily damaged have reopened.

Home Appliance dealer Qi Zhancai said, "We will try to get back to business as soon as possible."

Food and daily necessities were readily available at the supermarket,and people began to come out of their homes after two days of fear.

A Lhasa resident said, "We couldn't go out for several days. Today we'll get some food and vegetables."

Buses resumed service, and taxis were running again.

Officials inspecting the streets say the government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region is taking measures to ensure people in Lhasa get back to their normal life.

Dorje Cering, vice-chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region Gov't, said, "Our next step is to organize abundant supplies. Tibet is at a special time, we will ensure continuous supply so that people can live a stable life."

The Vice Chairman says the government is also taking measures to arrest the leaders of those responsible for the looting and rioting.


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