03-16-2008 13:28

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Mayor of Lhasa -- who is also the NPC Deputy Doje Cezhug -- has said that the situation in the Tibetan autonomous regional capital is now calm following the unrest on Friday.

Mayor of Lhasa -- who is also the NPC Deputy Doje Cezhug -- has said that the situation in the Tibetan autonomous regional capital is now calm following the unrest on Friday. 
Mayor of Lhasa -- who is also the NPC Deputy -- Doje 
Cezhug has said that the situation in the Tibetan 
autonomous regional capital is now calm following the
 unrest on Friday.

Doje Cezhug, Lhasa Mayor & NPC Deputy said "The unrest was provoked by a handful of monks and lawless persons engaged in beating, smashing, looting and burning. They burnt down schools, hospitals, stores and other public utilities. These acts are completely targeted at disturbing the happy and stable life of people in Tibet. The government is able to maintain stability for the people."


Editor:Xiong Qu