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No new violence in Lhasa


Source: | 03-16-2008 10:59

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

After a day of rioting that killed 10 people on Friday, Lhasa has reported no new incidents of violence in the Tibetan regional capital.

After a day of rioting that killed 10 people on Friday, Lhasa has reported no new incidents of violence in the Tibetan regional capital.
After a day of rioting that killed 10 people on Friday,
Lhasa has reported no new incidents of violence in the
Tibetan regional capital.

Deputy procurator-general of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Sun Qian says the judicial organ will deal with the rioters in Lhasa according to law. Sun said on Saturday the unrest, provoked by a handful of monks, was a political scheme premeditated by the Dalai clique to separate Tibet from China and sabotage the peaceful life of people in Tibet.

A Tibetan government official said there was enough evidence to prove the violence was organized by the clique of the Dalai Lama. Friday's riot was the first in the city for 18 years.

Traffic control was imposed on major streets, leaving few cars on the road on Saturday.

Witnesses say many rioters had come prepared, carrying backpacks filled with stones and bottles of inflammable liquids.

They said mobs assaulted people on the streets and torched 160 buildings, including banks, shops, schools and hospitals. Some areas suffered blackouts and saw the phone lines go down. Shops close to the Jokhang temple and Ramogia monastery were closed.

Among the dead were two hotel employees and two shop owners. Government officials say the victims are all innocent civilians.

After the violence broke out, the Tibet Autonomous Regional Party and government authorities set up a command headquarters. They quickly mobilized security personnel to maintain order and disperse the crowds. Fire fighters were also called in to put out fires and help rescue stranded people. The injured were taken to hospital.

Armed police in Lhasa have rescued more than 580 people, including three Japanese tourists, and the students and teaching faculty of a primary school and a middle school.

No casualties have been reported among foreigners.


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