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Hu Jintao talks with Xinjiang deputies


Source: | 03-08-2008 19:18

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

Top leaders have joined today's group discussions at NPC.

Hu Jintao 
Hu Jintao meets with deputies from the Xinjiang Uygur
Autonomous Region.(

When meeting with deputies from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao first delivered congratulations and greetings to all women in the country for International Women's Day.

He listened carefully to the discussion, and sometimes chimed in with his own opinions.

After listening to some deputies' speeches, he encouraged Xinjiang to seize the chance of "developing the West," to carry out the strategy of stabilizing and promoting Xinjiang, bring prosperity to its people, and keeping the border region secure.

Hu Jintao first delivered congratulations and greetings to all women in the country for International Women's Day.
Hu Jintao delivers congratulations and greetings to
all women in the country for International Women's 

Hu Jintao also called for developing the economy to promote scientific development; ensuring the people's livelihoods to promote social harmony; and handling ethnic and religious affairs well to strengthen ethnic unity.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei