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China honors 50 foreigners for their outstanding contributions


Source: | 10-01-2007 15:24

Special Report:   National Day holiday

Present at the grand reception hold by State Council were 50 foreign experts from 20 countries. They are all recipients of this year's Friendship Awards for their outstanding performance in China.

Premier Wen Jiabao extended congratulations to the experts and expressed his appreciation for their outstanding contributions to China's modernization drive.

Wen says China's opening-up policy would not change and that the country will continue its tradition of using talented people from other countries to assist in this process. He also promised to create better working conditions for foreign experts.

Wen said "One day you will grow old, of course I hope you will stay young forever. At that time, when you think about the days you spent in China, and the contributions you made for 1.3 billion Chinese people, you will certainly feel gratified. And all our Chinese people will appreciate your contributions from the bottom of our hearts."

The Friendship Award was established in 1991. It is China's highest award for foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China's economic and social progress.

A total of 949 experts from 56 countries have received the award.


Editor:Du Xiaodan