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NPC senior official talks on Congress´s legislative work


Source: | 03-12-2007 09:00

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC sessions

China is experiencing a transitional period from planned economy to market economy. As the country's top legislative body, the NPC has the exclusive power of making and revising the laws of the land. CCTV reporter Mao Xuzhi spoke with an NPC senior official to find out more about the Congress's legislative work.

The National People's Congress is China's supreme organ of state power. And one of its functions is to amend the Constitution and oversee its enforcement. How do lawmakers view their legislative work? And what are some of the obstacles they've encountered in the process? A deputy spoke to CCTV at the ongoing NPC session.

Q1. It is the last year for the current NPC deputies to serve as China's lawmakers. How would you summarize the highlights of the NPC's legislative work for the past 4 years?

Q2. What's the NPC's legislative focus this year?

Q3. Why does it take such a long time to promulgate the property law?


Editor:Du Xiaodan