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NPC Deputies expect to clearly define people´s property rights

Source: | 03-09-2007 14:43

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC sessions

China has a draft property rights law on the table now, which could affect the interests of over 1.3 billion people. Its development has been over 13 years in the making. The law is now the focus of discussions by NPC deputies. And it is expected to clearly define the rights of citizens in relation to property and belongings.

Among the over 200 items mentioned in the new law, the word "property" is undoubtedly the focus of focuses. Due to an unclear definition of ownership, China has been seeing millions of cases over rights on properties every year. With the new Property Rights Law, this number is expected to decrease.

Yang Jinhua, NPC Deputy, said, "We have different laws on various kinds of property. These laws define people's property rights with different explanations. Some of them even contrast each other. It's necessary we adopt a new law on Property Rights to make the definitions consistent."

Legal experts say the new law will cover more aspects concerning property rights.

Sun Xianzhong, expert law school, CASS, said, "Property rights are defined in Marriage Law and Heritage Law. But there is no item about the transfer and trading of property. The new Property Rights Law will fill in the blank in these fields."

The filing of the Property Rights Law began in 1993. The draft has been revised several times. This legislation received over 10,000 suggestions from the public since 2005. Over 100 seminars were held by the NPC Standing Committee seeking out expert advice. And before being submitted for a vote in this year's National People's Congress the Property Rights Law have gone through 7 rounds of NPC deputy scrutiny


Editor:Du Xiaodan