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Chinese mainland slams Chen´s secessionist remarks


Source: | 03-07-2007 11:07

Mainland officials have lashed out at Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian's recent remark concerning independence, criticizing it as another step toward secession. Chen's attempt to split the country is also widely unpopular.

Once again, Chen Shui-bian is showing himself to be a politician with no credibility.

In 2000, he pledged his Four No's policy, meaning that he would not declare independence, change the island's name, insert sovereignty theme in the constitution, or hold a referendum on independence.

He reaffirmed this policy in 2004.

But on Sunday, Chen Shui-bian made a complete U-turn. He now calls his pledge "Four Wants."

He said Taiwan wants independence, a new name, a revised constitution, as well as development. He added that the island has no right wing or left wing in politics, but only a debate on whether to be independent.

Chen's changeable and unpredictable policies are gaining him no support.