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A/H1N1 influenza cases confirmed in 33 countries and regions


Source: | 05-12-2009 21:11

Special Report:   World tackles A/H1N1 flu

Let's take a look now at the latest figures on A/H1N1 Influenza cases confirmed by governments around the world.

So far, the virus has been found in 33 countries and regions, with over 5-thousand confirmed cases.

Passengers walk past a security gate featuring a thermographic camera to check their temperature at the Budapest Airport in Hungary.(AFP/Attila Kisbenedek)

Passengers walk past a security gate featuring a
thermographic camera to check their temperature at
the Budapest Airport in Hungary.(AFP/Attila Kisbenedek)

Thailand confirmed two cases on Tuesday but the patients have already recovered. Finland has confirmed two cases A/H1N1 flu cases in its country.

Mexico has reported 2,059 confirmed cases, and 48 people have died there.

The number of confirmed infections in the United States has risen to 26-hundred, while the number of reported deaths remains at three. The number of infections in Canada has risen to 330. One person has died there.


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