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Suspected swine flu cases reported in more nations


Source: | 04-27-2009 09:02

Special Report:   Swine flu raises world concern

Suspected swine flu cases are now being reported around the globe. The patients had all recently visited flu-affected areas.

New Zealand said on Sunday that 10 students are "likely" to have swine flu after a school trip to Mexico. The students tested positive for influenza.

Airport employees wear masks as a preventive measure against a possible swine flu infection in Tijuana, Mexico.(AFP/David Maung)
Airport employees wear masks as a preventive measure
against a possible swine flu infection in Tijuana,
Mexico.(AFP/David Maung)

Health officials say none of the patients is seriously ill and all appear to be recovering. Another 25 students and teachers who returned from Los Angeles were isolated.

Spain's Health Ministry said three people who just returned from Mexico were in hospitals and showed symptoms of swine flu.

In France, officials confirmed four people were being examined for the deadly strain. Israel and Britain also have suspected cases. All patients had recently visited Mexico and are now hospitalized.


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