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More efforts to help job seekers


Source: | 03-09-2009 13:35

Special Report:   2009 NPC & CPPCC Sessions

A tough job market has become a big issue at this year's two sessions. Some NPC deputies, who are local government officials themselves, have been offering options to migrant workers.

A tough job market has become a big issue at this year's two sessions. Some NPC deputies, who are local government officials themselves, have been offering options to migrant workers.
A tough job market has become a big issue at this year's 
two sessions. Some NPC deputies, who are local government 
officials themselves, have been offering options to migrant

NPC deputy, Zhang Jingchuan, who is the city mayor of Mudanjiang, said, "We have allocated a fund of 50 million yuan for college students and migrant workers to seek employment or start their own business. The fund will be used for career training and to provide loans of small amounts."