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Pakistan admits hosting Mumbai plotters


Source: | 02-13-2009 09:36

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Pakistan has acknowledged for the first time that the Mumbai terror attacks were at least partly plotted on its soil. India has welcomed the Pakistani government's statement.

The advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik attends a press conference in Islamabad, on Feb. 12, 2009.(Xinhua/Reuters, File Photo)
The advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Rehman
Malik attends a press conference in Islamabad, on Feb.
12, 2009.(Xinhua/Reuters, File Photo)

Advisor to Pakistan's Prime Minister, Rehman Malik, unveiled the findings on the Mumbai attacks on Thursday. He says six suspects have been arrested while two others are known but are still at large.

Rehman Malik, Pakistan's Prime Minister, said, "Some part of the conspiracy has taken place in Pakistan and all those, according to the available information most of them, they are in our custody."

Malik detailed how the gunmen had sailed from Karachi to carry out the attacks that killed more than 170 people in Mumbai in November.

He asked India to share more information, such as the DNA of the attacker arrested by India.

India has welcomed the statement.

Pranb Mukherjee, Indian Foreign Minister, said, "They have also asked (for) more materials (information). We are examining it. After examination, we will share whatever we can. We would expect that Pakistan would take credible steps to dismantle the infrastructure which are used by these terror elements."

Tensions have been running high between India and Pakistan since last year's attack.

India maintained the attacks were planned in Pakistan and urged Pakistan to take action against those behind the attacks.

Malik assured India it had Pakistan's support in the probe. He added Pakistan is serious about bringing perpetrators to justice but needs more help from India to make the charges stick.


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