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Hamas celebrates "Triumph"


Source: | 01-21-2009 10:13

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

Thousands of Hamas supporters have rallied in Gaza to celebrate what the movement termed as the victory of resistance against the Israeli forces.

Crowds gathered at several mosques and the city's center on Tuesday, chanting slogans of triumph against Israel.

A Hamas police officer raises his right finger while chanting in Arabic "there is only one god and that is Allah" during a pro-Hamas demonstration in Gaza City January 20, 2009.REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
A Hamas police officer raises his right finger while 
chanting in Arabic "there is only one god and that is 
Allah" during a pro-Hamas demonstration in Gaza City 
January 20, 2009.REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Hamas officials say they want to express their solidarity with the armed resistance. Nine rallies were planned across the coastal territory. A Hamas spokesman said the rallies are meant to send a message to the world that Hamas is still continuing its resistance.


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