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Pakistani traders attend India trade fair


Source: | 12-25-2008 10:28

Amid growing tension between India and Pakistan, traders from Pakistan arrived in India's eastern city of Kolkata to participate in the 22nd Industrial India Trade Fair.

Amid growing tension between India and Pakistan, traders from Pakistan arrived in India's eastern city of Kolkata to participate in the 22nd Industrial India Trade Fair.(
Amid growing tension between India and Pakistan, traders
from Pakistan arrived in India's eastern city of Kolkata
to participate in the 22nd Industrial India Trade Fair.

Traders from Bangladesh, China and Thailand are also participating in the fair.

Pakistani traders brought rare marble curios and textiles. They said that they see no reason to break a tradition of over 15 years of taking part in the fair just because some rebels are persisting with efforts to create distance between India and Pakistan.

Wajid Khan, Representative, Pakistan Chamber of Com.&Ind. Fed., said, "Terrorists actually want to spoil relations between India and Pakistan. They want to create differences between these two nations because they know that if these two countries come together they can together make a mark on the entire world. Terrorists don't want that trade to continue in these two nations."